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Welcome to Sweet Wood, the home of locally made Cutting Boards, Cheese Trays & Charcuterie Boards.

We also supply our renowned board butter, made from locally sourced beeswax, which will keep our product looking new for years to come.


Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Board 1.jpg

Charcuterie Boards

Select from our beautiful walnut charcuterie boards. Whether you chose bark on or bark off, we guarantee you will be happy with the look and quality of our boards. All of our boards come with Sweet Wood signature board butter.

Charcuterie Board 2.jpg

Loop Handle Boards

Select from our extremely popular Loop Handle Boards. This timeless look is bound to wow your guests.

Charcuterie Boards 3.jpg

Custom Boards

Let us engrave your name or message onto our boards and turn them into an excellent gift. 


Charcuterie Boards

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